Open Budget Survey 2015

The survey

 The Open Budget Survey 2015 examines 102 countries from around the world, measuring budget transparency, budget oversight and public participation in budgetary decisions. In particular the Open Budget Index quantifies the amount and level of detail of budget information governments are making publicly available and easily accessible for their citizens. The questions about budget oversight survey the proficiency of formal institutions monitoring the budget process (such as legislatures and supreme audit institutions). The public participation section shows the opportunities governments provided to express their opinions about the budget and engage in decisions about the public resources.

In the previous round Hungary did not participate, but we prepared the survey according to the original methodology and with the help of IBP.


Press release of IBP

Country summary for Hungary


IBP Global Main Report

Additional graphs

The filled survey

OBI score calculator on the IBP's webpage


OBS data for 2006-2015

Codebook for the data

Other links

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