How can I offer my support?

We are asking for Your contribution, as a company or as an individual, to support our work. We aim to put all our research findings in the public domain, in order to continue promoting the transparency of fiscal affairs and decision-making. 


Why is it beneficial for both of us?

3+1 reasons why you should help our work

#1 As a tax payer or as manager of a company, you want to do your work in an economic system that is stable and relatively predictable so you can plan for the future – We are working on creating the foundations of economic stability and predictability.


#2 As a citizen with an interest in public affairs, you should be able to obtain unbiased information on economic issues regarding the country as a whole – The Fiscal Responsibility Institute Budapest, as an independent non-governmental organisation, forms an unprejudiced opinion and calls people’s attention on problems, hazards and their consequences.


 #3 As a voter, you wish to strengthen civil control over political processes to ensure a predictable and realistic budget – We are the only not-for-profit NGO in this country which specialises in the independent scrutiny of public finances through preparing in-depth analyses, forecasts and impact studies. 


 +1 How does supporting us benefit your company? Your donation is recognised as an expense and as such, it is deductible from the corporate income tax base. This tax benefit is available automatically: we will send you the relevant documents before the statutory deadline.

What can we offer to our donors in addition to the research papers? We are happy to invite our sponsors for background briefings when we publish a study. Our experts will answer you questions and explore the issues discussed in the papers by email or in person. This is the most efficient method to obtain information.


Please choose the form of support that is most convenient to you:


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  • Bank transfer payment:

  Name of payee: Közhasznú Nonprofit Kft.

  Payee’s bank account number: 16200010-00128333 (Magnet Bank)

  For companies: please enter the contact details of your company in the remittance information field so that we can send the papers required for tax deductibility.


  • Payment by postal inpayment money order (‘yellow cheque’): Please ask us for these checks at or service-based donations (e.g. information technology services or devices, office supply) are also welcome.
  • Donations of objects or services (e.g. information technology services or devices, office supply) are also welcome. Please contact us at the following e-mail



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    The help of our anonimous supporters is much appreciated!




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